Skin Is More Important Than You Think

Updated: May 9

Aaah, our skin, the part of our body we clean when dirty, moisture when dry, cool when hot and warm when it's cool. But did you know our skin is much more complex than those four simple actions. As a matter of fact, the skin is the largest organ of the human body and some will say aside from the heart and brain, it's the most complex organ. Our skin is our hero (or shero, if it floats your boat better) working hard for us everyday! Keep reading to better understand why our skin is so important.

Waste Removal System (Excrete)

Experts call our skin the Third Kidney. Why? Because our skin is the body's largest waste removal system. When we sweat, toxins and other waste material are released through our pores. This is why having some type of workout regime is beneficial to good overall health.

Protective Barrier

Do you know how many diseases, infections and harmful toxins our skin protects us from day in and day out? Our skin serves as a built-in barrier shielding our internal organs, tissues and muscles from stuff that could harm us if it had direct access. Whew, I'm thankful just thinking about it.


Experts agree that substances applied on the body penetrates the skin and eventually gets into our internal system. This is why it's important to know that what you put on your body, gets into the body, peeps! This is why Ebony Naturals products are so good! We're intentional about the ingredients we use to make our products. We don't cut corners and we're proud to make products that are safe for everyone to use.


Last but definitely not least, our skin can give us a glimpse into our overall health. Experts tell us that our external condition mirrors what's going on internally. So if you have healthy, glowy looking skin, chances are; you probably have good overall health. And to the contrary, if you have an unhealthy skin appearance that could be a sign of health issues.

Our skin has quite a few functions and is designed to: protect, absorb and excrete to name a few. So with all of these jobs, it is an absolute must that we treat our skin with the upmost care it deserves.

Happy Skinin' Folks,

Ebony Naturals